I´ve the fortune to have a sister living a Berlin. The perfect guide, someone who knows where to go and where to eat. Where to party and which people to hang out with. This was my second time in Berlin (in less than 6 months) due to this, I still remembered where the closest Starbucks was located and which subway we should take.

Berlin is a great city, it really is. I love the almost-spanish mentality which is really relaxed. No rush, no tomorrow. Unlike the first time in Berlin, this was not a trip of shopping. This was more a trip of Starbucks, long walks, hugging, drinking enjoying. Beside my sister, I had one of my best friends by my side. Which was great. I also met up with an old colleague of mine. We danced untill sunrise. Ate untill bedtime. Drank untill dancetime and so it went on during 4 amazing days.

Silentparty in Berlin 2011

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