I had just quit my full-time job since it was to hard to combine with full-time studies. I thought I deserved something extra. Stockholm, where I lived at that time was cold and snowy. Therefore i thought; Why not London? (Especially since the forecast for that weekend showed 15 Degrees and sun)

With me I brought a beloved friend of mine, lets call her A. The most dislocated but charming girl i know. She probably knows me better than anyone, she just don’t know it (She has the memory of a goldfish). Barley 2 months had passed since I left London the last time. My memory, apart from A’s, is brilliant. You could even say extraordinary, at least when i comes to location. We walk at least 10 km a day. I was a real tourist guide, one who reminded of Ted Mosby. If you try to think of how he would give a London-tour. That’s how I did it. Fun architect fact on every other building. We had a great time. Drank at Starbucks, drank everywhere. Shopped until we dropped, skipped the sleep and went straight to the malls after a night at the nightclub. Boy did we’ve a great vacation! During the most of our meals, we sat in this beautiful Hyde Park and we stayed at a great hotel less than a minutes from it. You can actually se it on the map, it´s at Craven Hill. 


So where do you shop I London? Well the answer is pretty simple, two great streets;  Oxford street and Regent Street.