Well that´s easy. And I´m about to tell you. However, first I need you to take a deep breath and think for a second and let me know which is your dream-destination? The one place you just have to visit before you die!

Why do I want to know that? Well, for a starter, since I´m about to let you know more about thoughts and life, thereforeI think it´s only fare.

Secondly, I would love some inspiration and maybe get new ideas about where to travel next.

Lastly, I believe you can tell a lot about a person by getting to know their one-holy place where they could see them selves be happy.

So, back to the subject (me)
As you proabably have figured out by now thorugh my spelling, i´m not english. Not even a little bit. I´m a blonde who live up to the blonde-jokes. I have 1 addiction, oh no, sorry, I have 2 3 addictions in life.

  1. To travel. I´m suffering from a disease called travelling-Addiction. Some people might call it a hobbie, but no. It´s a disease, or rather, an addiction. On this blog I will let you follow me as I travel all-over-the-world (hence the name). At the moment, I live in Barcelona, Spain. During the last 12 years I´ve made x-many journeys and I tried to list them. (Danmark, Finland, Norway are not included since the list would be to long to fit on one page)
  2. Food. Obviously you´ll read a lot about my crazy food-cravings and my long path of trying to become “healthy” Note: Eating Ice-cream as I´m writing this.
  3. My third addiction is to be constantly in touch with my loved once. Oh yes, I´ll admit, it might be because i´m an attention whoe, However, my family and my friends (yes, I actually have several) are my on-going inspiration source and all togheter, they are the perfect muse.

Still wondering who the hell I am, well, maybe a picture will help.

So long, Yours Truly.