Two days from departure, I ended up in the hospital because of blood poisoning, actually really serious. However, after one night at the emergency I got my medicine and was ready to go home and pack. The purpose of the trip was to have a nice Party-Christmas-Relax-weekend. Just enjoying life. Me and my travel partner A was going to stay with her friend (male). Sure I had met him before, however we didn’t know each other. 7 hours before departure, my friend give me a call, letting me know that she’ll not go to London, because she’s sick. (Remember, I had just spent the night at the hospital since I had blood poisoning)

I got a bit upset but it was her choice,  upon arrival in London, the friend meets me at Heathrow. (Me and A would’ve flown with different flights because we didn’t book at the same time) However, when he asks –Would you like to grab a coffee while we wait for A? Then I got even more furious, not only the fact that she had banded me, she hadn’t even told her friend that I was the only one coming.

Luckily, the friend and I got along great. We had 4 fantastic days filled with Shopping (CRAZY, HAD TO BUY A NEW SUITCASE) Eating, sightseen, Partying and a lot more. However, when it was time to go home, the flights were cancelled for the 6 upcoming days. Thanks god that my new found friend was nice enough letting me stay there for another 6 days. All I wanted during the last 4 days was to go home. That NEVER happens normally but this time, I missed out on 5 days of School, 38 hours of work and most importantly, I missed Christmas with my family.


The pictures you see below is from an amazing event with designers and artist from around the world. (My favorite dress!)


During my time in the lovely city of London, I kept the score of how many coffees I drank at Starbucks, 28! Good job I must say. Gingerbread Latte. Americano. Filter coffee. Love Starbucks.


This was the first time I really explored London, before this WeekendWhichTurnedOutToBeALongVacation, I had only been to Heathrow.