I´m a bit embarrassed to admit that I’ve been to Magaluf.  But I’ve. It was me and my best (and eldest) friend who wanted to take a cheap last-minute trip somewhere. So with destination unknown, we ended up at Mallorca. We hadn’t seen each other for months before the trip so it’s was great. Eating, drinking, talking, sunbathing, partying, hugging etc.. 

Unfortunately, you’re better of with out details. (trust me!) However, it’s an Island that I definitely would recommend you to visit. Especially Palma, a meditarian paradise with beautiful architecture, good shopping and great food.

If you’re looking for easy chicks, crazy partying and well, just getting drunk, go to Magaluf, for sure.

However, the way home was not as awesome as the trip! We missed our flight because of a car accident and had no cash, no bankcard (stolen) no phone, no nothing.. The people on the airport wasn’t to any help either. Luckily we managed to get a hold of my father who booked us on a new flight (via Frankfurt) however, since the flight to Frankfurt was delayed, we missed out next flight. When we finally reached our destination, 18 hours later, the customs stopped us and wanted to go through our bags, which took an hour. But I can’t blame them, we probably looked like real addicts, we hadn’t eaten for over 30 hours (=Maria is shaking) and were so tired that we cried.