I was crazy in love around this time. WE were crazy in love. It was insane, over the summer, we had gone from Swimmer-Coach relation to the happiest couple ever who now; was going to Barcelona. I loved Barcelona and Football, he loved football and me so everything was perfect. We arrived, stayed at a new built hotel close to Muntjuic and the beautiful Placa Espanya. I gave tourist tours (I new the city well already back then) we made love, we drank wine, we talked, we walked, we ate amazing food, we went to a football game at Camp Nou. We practically did everything you could do crazy in love and on a weekend in Barcelona. We even had fun in the sea.. 

Barcelona is the perfect city, no matter if you’re a couple, lovers, friends or if you travel alone. BCN offers everything. Shopping, Beaches, Food, Wine, Cava, Sports, Parks, Museums, Culture, Art, everything you ever could wish for!

Since I know my beloved* ex-boyfriend never will read this, I’ll take my freedom and post some pictures from our, actually GREAT romantic-weekend in Barcelona.

*Beloved might be a bit overrated since he hasn’t spoken to me since I broke up with him. However, even though I was the one to break up I still love loved him and his a huge part of my life, therefore, I think it’s only fair to refer to him as; Beloved ex.