I thought it was time to tell you about what in a year will me my past. You might also call it, my future. (However, I don’t like to say my future because it sounds tooo powerful, almost like the word Love on the first date!)

First of all, in the beginning of August, I will leave Barcelona, Spain, where I live and work at the moment, to go to visit my family, friends and catch up with some papers and applications.

On August 30, me and a very close friend of mine, C, will leave for New York. We will be spending only 3 days in the big apple. That’s because we are actually just changing flight but decided to have some extra days before we on September 2nd, continue our trip to Mexico. First we are going to a small calm paradise called Tulum, which I’ve heard is great (first time there). After 5 days in a bungalow on the beach and yoga in sunrise, we will travel to Cancun. Where we’ll spend our last 3 days together before it’s time for C to return home and for me to continue my adventures.

I will then fly to Costa Rica, where I’ve planned to stay for 6,5 week. Since I’ve never been to Costa Rica before, I’ve absolutely no idea where to go. However, I’m looking for somewhere calm by the water but you should be able to go out, enjoy a dinner and maybe go to a bar. I’ve been looking at a city/village called Jacó, they seem to ’ve it all, the ocean, surfing waves, food, tourist areas, non-tourist areas, bars, everything. Now, I just need to find an apartment to rent during my study/enjoying life-time in Costa Rica. Of course, I’ll travel to some national parks,  waterfalls, etc. etc.

In the end of October, I’ll travel to Orlando where my uncle and his family are waiting for me. I’ve been in Orlando several times before. Besides shopping and Sea World, Disney World and so on, there’s not much to see. (I must confess I’m starting to feel a bit old for Disney now..) We’ll continue to Miami from where I will continue my travelling back to Europe and weather it will be to Stockholm or Berlin, I’m not quite sure yet. All I know is that during all this travelling, I’ll be studying.

You see, today I received an email that I had been accepted to distance course in Spanish from a University. Which will give me 30 university points. So I will be studying Spanish via internet from August 29 until December 16.

I warn sensitive readers to look at the pictures below, however. I can assure you that it’s all fake. These photos were taken during an event with the theme war and since everyone dressed up to be a warrior, I choose to send my delegation to all the people getting killed and injured during these terrible times of war.