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8 Days untill next take of!




To bad.

It is not that I am not happy, because I am. I am really happy, matter a fact, I am more happy than I can remember me being in a really, really long time. It is just that I am really sad as well. Drinking too much, smoking too much, working too much, eating too much (I consider my self to be a compulsory  over eater..) What to do? What to do..


Tried it? Amazing! Download wordfeud on your smartphone and ad me; lysandekotten








Today, it’s one of those days when the time scares you. Or when the age scare you. I’ve been seeing both my mothers parents and my fathers. I hate to say goodbye and not knowing if you’ll talk to them again. However, to night, I’ll be nothing else than my dads parents Little princess!

It has been a while and I just barley got home.

A carcrash on my way home from the last night i Barcelona, flooding and a terrible flight back. Barcelona did everything in its power to keep me there. However, I’ve been in the country since last sunday and I’ve sort of enjoying it. Family, friends and too much food (as usual)!


My beautiful Friend on my dads boat the first day back.

Yesterday i did something bad. Today, i left BCN.

All I’ve got right now is my Swedish cookie-cute friend Jenny, and I barley know her. It feels weird leaving Barcelona since I don’t know what I coming home to. All my friends, which is 5-6 close ones, have continued their life on their own, replaced me with someone else, and yes, it feels weird. The future-dreams we had together, travel plans and so on, they now have with someone else. It sucks to not be the closest one. To not be the one they turn to or the one they call directly after something has happened. It sucks and I feel a bit lonely. The fact that this is what I’ve to come home to, it makes it even more hard to leave Barcelona. I don’t really know where I belong right now.