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It is not that I am not happy, because I am. I am really happy, matter a fact, I am more happy than I can remember me being in a really, really long time. It is just that I am really sad as well. Drinking too much, smoking too much, working too much, eating too much (I consider my self to be a compulsory  over eater..) What to do? What to do..



Normally when I’m sad, I comfort-eat, a lot. I can eat 2-3 pizzas, pies and Ice cream with out a problem, (that’s probably why I’ve gained a lot of weight lately) to make a change, I decided to take a powerwalk instead a few days ago when I wrote about my anxiety. It helped. However, my friend Anxiety is back, I don’t feel like walking, there’re plenty of lightings and thunder outside. I’ve already eaten plenty even though I’m not hungry yeah, that’s pretty much it.

What do you do when you get anxiety? Or am I the only person in the world who gets it?

I’m leaving tomorrow. Home to?

I just need to make something clear, in my last post I wrote something in style with I don’t know where I belong. What I meant was among my friends. With my self, I do know where I belong!

All over the world

Today, I did something fun. Well, most of my days are fun, but I did something ordinary.

Since I will be leaving Barcelona toooo soon, I bought a postcard, and addressed it to my self  I will probably receive it a week after I get home,and the text said something in style with:

Dear future me,
At the moment, you’re as happy as you’ve ever been.
You just enjoyed the greatest mascarpone-pie you’ve ever tasted.
You’ve been laughing with Jenny for hours (Yeah, by the way you
weird Swedish girl, thank you for the lubricant!)
eating Manchego.
Stop worrying so much, dwell and anxiety won’t get you anywhere.
Remember; Disfruta la vida. I love you. Yours truly, M .


For those of you who don’t see it, I’m a scarecrow!

I’ve had a great weekend with a friend, Jenny, a sugar sweet Swedish girl who can’t do anything else than to make you happy. P7240886

Anxiety, such a tremendous word that has to big influence in most peoples life today.

Today, and the least couple of days, it has been attacking me as well. Anxiety over leaving Barcelona, leaving my new life, leaving what I have created for my self her. Anxiety over what happened I Norway and it makes me think of what it would feel like if it happened to  my family, and also, it makes me think of all the loved ones who I miss more than words can describe.

Soon, I’ll start working again, 89 hours in 8 days, no, I’m not kidding, that’s anxiety as well. To  go back to where I use to feel so sad and so bad about my self. I don’t want to. However, I’ve 6 evenings left here in the wonderful city of Barcelona, and I will enjoy every single one of them.



Me and the uncontrollable cute Jenny!